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TAS Tractor Attachment System

Overview of Range of Products:  refer to Catalogue for more information.  Please Note that pictures are indicative only. Our entire range is not shown.

Tractor Attachment System : more info

  • TAS 
  • High Quality German Engineered.
  • Coupling Adjusting Stabilising
  • To suit wide range of Implement and Tractor
  • Refer to General Brochure
Top Links : more info
  • Top Link - Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic Top Links with Hook and Integral Eyeball
  • Hydraulic Top Links with Fork End and Hook
  • Hydraulic Top Links with Fork End and Eyeball
  • Range of Cat types (power range)
  • Top Link - Manual
  • Threaded Top Link
  • Eyeball and Fork End available with Hook
  • Also available in Walterscheid Australia section
  • Top Link Hook & Accessories
  • Range of Hook Sets
  • Range of Top Link Accessories

Lower Links : more info

  • Lower Link Hook Sets
  • Range of CAT hook sets
  • Range of Accessories
  • Lower Link Ball Ends - Weld On
  • Range of Weld on Eyeball Ends
  • Lower Link Stabiliser
  • Lower Link Stabilisers
  • Quick switching from Rigid to Floating positions.
  • Manual (right image)
    • Automatic Lateral Stabiliser
    • Easily and quickly retrofitted
  • Hydraulic (left image)
  • More info on Hydraulic Stabiliser
  • Lower Lift Link - Hydraulic
  • Threaded Weld on Ends for Retrofitting.
  • Accessories - Range of Walterscheid and Walterscheid Australia. Refer to Walterscheid Australia section


TAS Catalogue Complete Catalogue of DLS Products and Components

Version 2.0 (Aug 2009)

TAS Catalogue4.5Mb
TAS Brochure TAS - Tractor Attachment System - Product Brochure TAS Brochure 1.7Mb
TAS Stabiliser TAS - Tractor Attachment System - Hydraulic Stabiliser Brochure TAS HydStab PDF 0.3Mb
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General Brochure on Walterscheid DLS and TAS DLS and TAS Product Overview 2.4Mb