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DLS Drive Line System

Overview of Range of Products:  refer to Catalogue for more information.  Please Note that pictures are indicative only. Our entire range is not shown.

PTO Drive Shafts : more info

  • PTO SHAFT - Standard.
  • 6 - 289 HP Range
  • Standard Joint Angles
  • Can be fitted with any type of Yoke / Clutch.
  • PTO SHAFT - Wide Angle 80°
  • 6 - 289 HP Range
  • Wide Angle Joint Angles
  • Constant Velocity
  • Can be fitted with any type of Yoke / Clutch.
  • PTO SHAFT - Power Drive
  • Standrad & Wide Angle CV 80°
  • Advanced Lubrication and Cover Safety Components
  • Longer Service Intervals

Yokes and Universal Joint Kits : more info

  • Yoke - Quick Release Pin
  • Yoke - Quick Release Ball Collar
  • Yoke - Clamp Bolt
  • Yoke - Clamp Cone
  • Yoke - Plain Bore
  • Yoke - Bore & Keyway
  • Yoke - Tube Yoke
  • Yoke - Flange Yoke
  • Yoke - Double & Special
  • UJKIT - Various Lubrication/Seal configurations to suit all agricultural applications.

Clutches : more info

  • Friction Clutch
  • Typical Applications: High Pressure Balers, Rotary Cultivators, Rotary Mowers, Fans, Forage Harvesters, etc
  • Overrunning Clutch
  • Protects Tractor and Implement against the effects of heavy rotating masses.
  • Shearbolt Clutch
  • Protective clutch against damaging overload conditions.
  • Cut-Out Clutch
  • Key Type and Cam Type
  • Typical Applications: for Rotary Harrows, Liquid Manure Pumps, Mixers, Rope Winches, Silage Boxes, etc.
  • Friction + Overrunning Clutch
  • Typical Applications: for Square Balers, High-Pressure Balers, Rotary Mowers, etc
  • Ratchet Clutch
  • Overload and Ball Ratchet Types
  • Typical Applications: for Manure SPreaders, Loader Wagons, Rotart Tedders, Potato Harvesters, etc.
  • Elastic Clutch
  • Typical Applications: for Reciprocating Harrows, Rotor Mowers, Flail Choppers, etc.


  • Splines & Adapters
  • Wide Range of Splines, Splined Sleeve, Spline Hub, Stub Shafts, Adapters.

Covers : more info

  • PTO Covers, Guards, Cones
  • PTO Cover Sets
  • Wide Angle Guards
  • Implement Guards
  • Special Cones
  • Gearboxes
  • A wide range of gearbox units are available.
  • Due to the various combinations please refer directly to Walterscheid Australia for more information.
  • Comprehensive technical literature is available upon request.
  • Economy Line
  • A wide range of DLS products which interchange with other manufacturers including Bondioli & Pavesi, Bypy, Spicer, Weasler, Neapco and Walterscheid.
  • Products include, PTO drive shafts, Yokes and Clutches, Gearboxes.
  • Trilobe, square tube and a range to encompass the majority of agricultural products.
  • More info


DLS Catalogue Complete Catalogue of DLS Products and Components

Version 2.0 (Aug 2009)

DLS Catalogue7.1Mb
PTO DRIVE SHAFTS & CLUTCHES DLS Brochure - General Brochure and Overview of Products 06. DLS Brochure1.5Mb
PTO DRIVE SHAFTS & CLUTCHES General Brochure and Overview of Products - 05. DLS Brochure 051.7Mb
PTO SAFETY COVERS General Brochure on Safety Covers Safety Cover Brochure0.5Mb
Agricultural Product Line


General Brochure on Walterscheid DLS and TAS DLS & TAS Product Overview 2.4Mb
Walterscheid Australia Range of DLS Walterscheid Australia range of PTO driveline system products, designed to meet market demands for low cost products. Version 1.1 May 2008 DLS & TAS Product Overview 1.3 Mb